Sunday, August 18, 2013

Monotype study and B&W figure drawings

I've been meaning to do some more monotypes so I decided to do this one the other night as a study for a painting. Because the working time in monotype is limited(because the ink starts to tack up)  it forces you to work quickly and make decisions sooner than you would with other mediums. If I had a bigger press I might do the whole image as a print. I also posted a few recent figure drawings.
This image was created by inking an entire piece of thin plexi-glass with ink and then drawing into the ink and using whatever is at hand( rags,pencils, fingers, solvents etc) to "pull" out the image. When the image is completed a piece of printmaking paper is placed on the plate and it's run through a press. The second image is a "ghost" print which is obtained by a second pass through the press. 

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